Monitoring and Protection of Sea Turtles

  • Our association started its first activities with sea turtles, which we know best. Since 1987, we have been conducting counting, monitoring, research and protection activities with crowded teams on the nesting beaches of sea turtles. The activities we have done on these beaches between May and September can be listed as follows:

  • Cage studies to prevent unwanted predations caused by creatures such as foxes, dogs and crabs, the natural enemies of sea turtle eggs

  • Trainings for local authorities, tourism facilities, artisans, small businesses and schools on the correct and effective use of coasts, light and noise pollution and their effects on sea turtles

  • Puppy counts in nests where opening times are followed by regular daily checks, rescue of pups trapped in the nest or lost on beach, pup success statistics

  • Protection of nests with prism cages in areas which are used extensively by people

  • Regulatory works with the related institutions and enterprises on the use of the beach and back of the beach

  • Awareness raising and information service for local people and tourists at the information points established in settlement centers

  • Detection and continuous control of nesting areas during daytime

  • Detection and continuous control of nesting areas during daytime

  • Attaching satellite tracking device to follow the sea turtles (by EKAD first study in Turkey this issue in the framework of the BTC project, applied in 2004-2005)

  • Rehabil Wildlife Rehabilitation Center olan which will play an important role in conservation and rescue activities.