Ocean Ambassadors Youth


Ocean Ambassadors Youth

EKAD continues its monitoring and conservation projects on sea turtle nesting beaches along the Mediterranean coast of Türkiye, with a brand new Project kick-started in 2023 in cooperation with Austria’s Mediterranean Education and Research Association (MERA).

Our team plans to continue its studies with EKAD members constantly active on the field, as always, and now along with the participation of MERA and foreign volunteers they will provide. We invite volunteers from both Türkiye and abroad to the international environment of our “Ocean Ambassadors Youth” Project. If you would like to become a part of this team, you can get information by contacting us at info@ekad.org.tr.

The conditions of participation in the project are the same as the conditions of participation in the Volunteer Programof EKAD.

Project Coordinator – EKAD: Fatih Polat

Project Coordinator – MERA: Marie Lambropoulos

Volunteer Communications: Deniz Candaş