Personal Data Protection

The processing of personal data of the users of EKAD’s website complies with the statements below, as well as with relevant legal provisions about the protection of personal data.

EKAD assures you that personal data contained in applications submitted through this website are used exclusively for the participation of volunteers in our projects. Similarly, personal data of persons who engage in any kind of financial support of our activities through this website, are used exclusively for banking and accounting purposes and the shipping of purchased goods.

Under no circumstances are these data are communicated to any third physical or legal entity. They are deleted 2 years after their registration (or even sooner, after specific request).

After 2 years, the only data remaining in EKAD’s database is the email address of the participants, in order to provide information on its activities.

Moreover personal data concerning the sex, nationality and age of applicants are only used for statistical conclusion purposes, by authorized EKAD’s staff.

In case of malicious violation of EKAD’s database, the volunteers and supporters will be informed with utmost urgency. For any questions regarding this issue, please don’t hesitate to contact the Volunteers Officer (