Satellite Tracking Project


In order to find out more about the life cycles of sea turtles, we started the Satellite Monitoring Program to determine the behavior of sea turtles during their time at sea, migration routes, feeding and wintering areas.

Sea turtles spend very little time on land. While mostly adult females crawl up to the beaches only to lay their eggs, other individuals spend almost all their lives in the sea. Although we have a good amount of knowledge about their terrestrial lives, we hardly have enough data about their aquatic lives (such as their feeding or wintering areas). Gathering more information about life cycles of the sea turtles will undoubtedly enhance conservation efforts.

Would you like to join our Satellite Monitoring Project?

If you buy a satellite-tracking device that is worth about 7600€ or contribute to its purchase (with contributions of at least 760€), your name or the name of a person/institution of your choice will be given to the sea turtle bearing the tracking device. You will be able to follow the course of sea turtles bearing satellite-tracking devices on this page, and will see where they go, feed and/or spend their winter for about a year.

To see the voyage of the adult Caretta caretta female witth a satellite transmitter attached in 2007, please visit:

If you would like to buy and donate a satellite-tracking device or contribute to its purchase, please fill in the following form and send to: