Increasing Awareness on Plastic Pollution Among Beach Users in Konyaalti and Serik Public Beaches (Antalya)


Increasing Awareness on Plastic Pollution among Beach Users
in Konyaaltı and Serik Public Beaches (Antalya)

Our shores and seas are invaded by plastics! Plastic pollution keeps increasing every year, threatening the coastal ecosystem in the entire Mediterranean. EKAD has partnered with Antalya Metropolitan Municipality and TÜRÇEV (Turkiye Environmental Education Foundation) in a new project to draw attention to plastic pollution in coastal and marine habitats.

Litter left on the beaches end up in the seas. Keeping the beaches clean is not only the responsibility of Municipality’s cleaning/sanitation staff, it starts with the awareness of beach users. In this Project, EKAD and its Project Partners started out with the slogan “Plastic-Free Shores, Plastic-Free Waters”, aiming to contribute to the cleaning-up and conservation of Konyaaltı and Serik Public Beaches through a series of awareness-raising campaigns, as well as education and media activities.

Within the scope of our project, we will give 30 young volunteers a two-day training on basic environmental awareness and ecology, and engage these volunteers in carrying out beach clean-ups based on observations and measurable indicators. We will also conduct surveys for beach users, and organise awareness-raising events for children and adults.

In the information kiosks to be set up at both public beaches, we will provide information to visitors about the importance of coastal ecosystems, the negative impacts of plastic pollution and alternatives to reduce the use of plastics.

To contribute to our cause, you are invited to attend the events we will organize in Konyaaltı Public Beach on July 26-27 and in Serik Public Beach on August 3-4.

This Project is carried out with the financial support of the Turquoise Coast Environment Fund, in the framework of the cooperation with the Conservation Collective, MAVA Foundation, the GEF Small Grant Program (SGP) and Support Foundation for Civil Society. Only EKAD, TÜRÇEV, and Antalya Metropolitan Municipality are responsible for its content, and does not reflect the views of supporting institutions.

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