Short Term Volunteers

Individuals and Families can participate in EKAD’s Field Works and observe our team of volunteers and the sea turtles in the Belek (Belek Nesting Beach, Antalya/Serik) and Kızılot Project (Kızılot Nesting Beach, Antalya/Manavgat) from June to September. Children participating in the project must be between 8-18 years old.

Individuals and families must commit to a project for 1 day to 1 week, and in either case their participation fees are set at 50€ per adult/day and 30€ per child/day, non-refundable in case of cancellation. A minor change of participation dates is allowed ONCE free of charge. Participation can be extended for one more week at maximum, if it is in accordance to the needs of the project. In case of extension, there is an extra fee of 30€ per adult/day and 15€ per child/day. These fees include administrative and training costs, and an annual subscription as an EKAD supporter.

Short Term Volunteers will join the field work to get an insight of what we are doing and what a conservation work on sea turtles are about. When possible, and if not effecting the field work, with a quick training from the field leaders, they could be given a chance to participate on work done but it must be understood that this is an observation opportunity at most.

Individuals and families must cover their own transportation, accommodation and food expenses. It is recommended that families participating in the projects have a car. A car is recommended for the Kızılot project.

For short term volunteering please contact Volunteer Officer at