Our volunteer program is carried out only in Belek. Belek is one of the largest known sea turtle nesting areas in the Mediterranean (2nd largest, according to Canbolat, 2004).

In this project, we have many goals such as monitoring sea turtle populations, determining and minimising the negative impacts on nests and hatchlings, educating both the local people and the tourists about sea turtles, raising awareness about the conservation efforts, and encouraging contributions to these efforts. We need volunteers to assist us in achieving all these goals.

What You Will Gain

Learn the methods of data collecting and scientific ways of studying, by taking part in a real scientific project that involves field surveys,

Get to know an endangered species by seeing it first-hand, and learn about its bioecology,

Closely witness the problems of an endangered species, and the difficulties of conservation studies,

Contribute to the nature conservation efforts aimed at strengthening the bond between NGO’s – Scientific approach – Local Authorities – Tourism,

Take part in teamwork and taste a real team spirit,

Seize the opportunity to discover and enhance your personal attributes (leadership, public relations, organisation ability, responsibility, sharing, etc.)

Meet people from different countries and have a better understanding of their cultures.

Studies in the program are divided into two main groups: educational practices and field surveys.

Educational practices are targeted to a variety of groups including local authorities, local people, local tradesmen, tourists, the managers and staff of tourism facilities, and schools .

Field surveys include the following scientific studies:
– Determining the location of nests, census and mapping
– Relocating nests when necessary
– Recording adult emergence tracks that did not result with a nest
– Adult tagging, measuring, and collecting nest data
– Caging nests when necessary
– Collecting the data for predation on nests
– Hatchling emergence monitoring and data recording