EKAD’s volunteer program is carried out in Belek and Kızılot, Antalya. Belek is one of the largest known sea turtle nesting areas in the Mediterranean (2nd largest according to Canbolat, 2004), and Kızılot is another promising nesting site according to the results of 2021.

We are looking for enthusiastic and committed volunteers to join our teams. You may find more information about our project, working conditions, and volunteer camps in our Volunteer Program Booklet.

Our project consists of field studies and educational practices. We monitor sea turtle populations by counting nests and hatchlings, identify the negative impacts affecting nests and hatchlings, and take necessary measures to ensure their survival. We also provide information to locals and tourists about the sea turtles and coastal ecosystems in order to raise awareness about conservation efforts, and encourage their contribution to these efforts. Volunteers actively take part in all these tasks. We also offer Internship Opportunities (see below).

Before moving on to your application form, please check out Participation Periods. You may also choose Daily/Guest Volunteering (see below) if you have a time constraint.

Duration: June 1st – September 21st

Participation fee: from 410 €


1. Applicants must be over 18 years old, and able to communicate fluently in English.

2. Field studies require a certain amount of stamina as volunteers will wake up before sunrise, walk a good amount of distance on sand (sometimes for 5 hours), and work under high temperatures and humidity. Therefore, applicants must be in good physical condition. Please see the Volunteer Program Booklet for further information.

3. Applicants must have a health insurance covering their entire duration of stay.

4. Volunteers must be prepared to live and participate in a communal setting, where everyone shares daily camp duties such as cooking, dish-washing and cleaning. Although relevant experience is not necessary, the ability to live and co-operate with people from different cultures and backgrounds is helpful.

5. Volunteers will be trained and supervised by field leaders and experienced project members, who will also be in charge of assigning all duties. Although daily free hours will be limited, everyone gets a full off-day every 8 to 10 days. Please keep in mind that plans may change in case of emergencies, and in such cases, field leaders will do their best to fairly adjust everyone’s schedule.

6. Applications are reviewed and selected on an individual basis, but returning volunteers and applications for longer periods will have the priority. Returning volunteers may also receive a 5-7 days of exemption from the minimum participation period. For the minimum period of participation and how you can apply for a combined participation, please see the Participation Periods and Fees.

7. Application process flow:
– Filling in and submitting the official EKAD online application form
– Receipt of acceptance letter from EKAD, which includes payment instructions and the list of required documents
– Submitting all required documents
– Receipt of final confirmation.

* Only volunteers who receive the “final acceptance mail” will be allowed to participate in our projects.

Internship Opportunities

EKAD provides internship opportunities for volunteers willing to stay for at least 8 weeks.

Once confirmed, and upon their arrival to the project, interns must hand in all the paperwork that needs to be submitted by EKAD upon the completion of their internship –so EKAD can complete all documents on time. In case any invitation or paperwork is required prior to your arrival, you need to communicate this with the Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@ekad.org.tr at the time of your application.

Please note that all data collected on the field will legally belong to EKAD, and cannot be used by interns for personal projects or any reports without EKAD’s written consent.

All interns will receive the same training and have the same tasks as all other long-term volunteers. EKAD cannot support any additional trainings or provide a separate tutor/mentor for interns. Interns are subjected to the same Participation Fees.

Please inform the Volunteer Coordinator (volunteer@ekad.org.tr) regarding the requirements of your University, within 10 days after submitting your online application, to prevent any delays on our side due to the processing of these requirements.

Daily/Guest Volunteering Opportunities

Individuals and families can participate in EKAD’s field studies as observers for a short period (1 day to 1 week) between June and September, to see EKAD’s practices and get an insight of what a sea turtle conservation study means. Children participating in the project must be between 8-18 years old.

Participants must cover their own transportation, accommodation and food expenses. Bringing your own car is recommended. Participation Fees include briefings and the field survey, and an option to stay at our camp.

Please contact volunteer@ekad.org.tr to apply as a daily/guest volunteer.

Please click here read our Policy for handling Personal Data.